Monday, October 10, 2011

Gonna Fly Now...

It's been awhile since I've updated here, but figured it's about time. Art is my life, but I've developed another love these past couple years. Traveling. Everything about it  I love. It's a way of starting over, a change of scenery, and adding new experiences (good, bad, and ugly) to your life that you will never forget.

The picture above is from one of those travels. It's the time I went to Philadelphia a couple of years ago. And yes, that right there is where cinema's most famous boxing underdog Rocky Balboa stood tall for 6 films. I ran up those steps I had seen time and time again on TV, and the feeling was very real. Sure, it was a movie, but those films inspired me to just keep going and fight, fight, fight. That shot was worth for me, as far as that trip went and that's why I tell people that traveling is such a great thing. Going on a journey and see something new!

I've seen a good chunk of the United States so far, but not much outside of it. I definitely hope to see more. The sights, sounds, food, the air, and yes, the women, are different everywhere and you'd never know it until you've been elsewhere. So once more with feeling, go out and live a little! Save up plenty of cash, do your research and just go! Live is short and this is a big world. I hope to see it all soon, as I MAY have a job with a certain cruise line pretty soon. THAT'S how much I love to travel.

More posts (with pictures) about travel to come...

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