Monday, October 10, 2011

At the Movies.

Who doesn't love a good moving picture show, or as these kids nowadays call it, movie? It's a way of escaping for 90 minutes or more and enjoying some good ol' fashioned storytelling. I mean, yeah, you can read a book, but the movies are like fast food: fast, easy, and fun.(By the way, I use the metaphor alot, so get used to it!) I'm not saying reading can't be fun either, but after a long day of work, sometimes putting on "Fight Club" or something silly like "Police Academy" can soothe one's nerves. I like my movies with a great storyline, amazing cinematography, and for them to be one hell of a fun ride!

As a writer and artist, they also inspire and motivate me, like in the previous post about traveling and "Rocky". Many innovative ideas have been put on the screen and it shows there are still creative minds out there. Companies like Pixar and all-around visionaries like Quentin Tarentino and David Fincher push the limits on what goes on in film and writing. Even the really bad movies with its horrid writing and acting help out so much. Because if movies like "Skyline" and "The Happening" are being released, then you know anyone can do a movie!

I'll talk more about movies in later posts, like more of what I love and especially the ones I just downright loathe. And just a hint on the next movie post: It's October related. Yeah, no-brainer there.

Until next time...

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