Monday, May 7, 2012

"Blunderbuss" - Jack White

In my opinion, Jack White is a musical genius. Many would disagree otherwise, but after his 3 other projects (Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and White Stripes) I really think this man is one of a kind. He knows music and once I heard he was going solo, I was curious to hear what he would do next.

"Blunderbuss" has that Jack White sound, blues and all, a bit of piano and even his cover of the track "I'm Shakin'." The song can be heard below...

Such a catchy song and really gets you moving, while still capturing the soul of the original. In between this song and some others, you can tell there is some heartache over White's split from his wife and the end of the White Stripes and this was his way of coping through it all. "Weep Themselves To Sleep" gives off those vibes, one ivory key at a time, but remains such a beautiful, powerful song. 

It does take more than one listen to really get into the album, like it was for me, which I was expecting more of his other bands' sounds. The closest thing you get to that is the single "Sixteen Saltines." It's a good song, but I feel it doesn't really fit here. It does make me miss White Stripes very much. In any case, it's great to hear Jack again and experimenting with both an all male band and an all female band as well. 

"Blunderbuss" is Jack White at his more interesting and what I feel like is really his true side. If you're a fan of his, you NEED this album in your life. I've heard people compare it to Dylan, but it's only slight for me. But still, it is a beautiful piece of work. Also, if you liked the samples above, more reason for you to own the album. It may not be loud too often, or guitar heavy, but definitely worth a bit of your time.

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